About Sawtooth USA

Sawtooth USA is the premier Accessories Department within the Dennis Dillon family of Auto Dealerships.

Each member of our sales and install staff is personally interested in modifying vehicles – our own and yours! When this passion is combined with parts from the industry leading companies we work with and a high quality installation performed by our experienced technicians, you and your vehicle get the best possible end product.

Established in 1975, Dennis Dillon is a high-volume vehicle dealer for GMC, Dodge, Ram, Chrysler, Jeep, Nissan, Mazda, Kia, Fiat and Alpha Romeo in the state of Idaho, and saw a demand for a quality accessories seller and installer in the Boise, ID area. Sawtooth USA was formed to handle the demand from customers purchasing vehicles and anyone else that wanted to work with a knowledgeable staff, purchase parts at competitive prices and have experienced techs install them. From basic bolt-ons to fully customized show-quality builds, our business plan focuses on a high level of customer satisfaction through offering a high standard of work as well as competitive prices on the industries top brands.

Meet Our Team

Rob Wright

Accessories Director

Sean Hill

Ram / Jeep Accessories Sales Manager

Erick Monday

GMC Accessories Specialist